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Freeze Dried Nerd Crunch

  • Your favorite candy turned into a new crispy and airy delight! Freeze drying is a process in which moisture is removed from the candy allowing the candy to inflate to a larger size, making it even more delicious! It is great for snaking, parties, sharing, and gifting!



    DISCLAIMER: The amount and size of each freeze-dried item varies. All taffy, milk duds, and jolly ranchers have between 10-11 pieces and fruit roll ups will have 9 pieces. Please be mindful that these items are fragile. We do our best to provide the best quality of our products and therefore ensure packaging is secure before transit. However, due to the fragility of the item, some of the contents may break during transit. Be sure to keep out of direct sunlight and properly seal the bag between each use to maintain freshness.

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